Our offer

Polar Racking’s off-grid and agricultural solutions are designed to endure extreme operating conditions in the most remote locations. We understand the investment our clients are making in mission critical power solutions, and our products reflect these unique needs. Fewer and more durable components, faster installation times and options for containerization, pre-assembly and kitting and logistics with complete electrical packages allow our clients to deploy their systems faster and without the need to work with multiple partners or integrators. The PRR Flush Mount System can adapt to multiple roof types while the PRU Ground Mount Racking system and PRM Top/Side of Pole Mount can achieve off-grid and net-metred applications in isolated areas

Why choose Polar?



Polar has been working in this space for over 6 years and has been involved in hundreds of off grid and agricultural projects. Our quality materials withstand extreme weather conditions across North America.


Multiple Applications

Depending on the space available and the application, Polar can offer you options ranging from rooftop, ground mount and top or side of pole. PRR can adapt to a variety of roof types, be it a metal or wood joist or standing seam connection. Tilted applications and substructures are also available for unique roof profiles.


Strong Technical Support

Polar Racking’s 24 hrs technical support paired with quality materials is guaranteed to provide a hassle free process for all off-grid and agricultural customers.