Our offer

We understand the unique needs of the public sector. Tight timelines, small windows for installation, increased safety requirements for the public and the need for greater durability. We work with architects, consultants, roofing manufacturers and facilities departments to ensure that the structural integrity of the roof is maintained and the roofing system’s warranty is honored. Our systems are designed to span a variety of roofing systems and distribute loads evenly, thereby minimizing point loading.

Why choose Polar?


Safety & Reliability

Our systems incorporate several unique O&M and safety features including easy roof access, industry leading wire management solutions and security fasteners, covers and guards. Polar Racking has completed load testing for locations ranging across North America.


Strong Execution

Polar Racking’s commitment to timelines begins with our layouts. Our innovative fastCAD system provides you with system layouts within 48 hours. Minimal material lead-times and on-time delivery ensure that your installation will be completed on schedule.



Our systems are designed to install 30% faster than our leading competitors. Polar Racking’s standardized packaging solutions minimize the ecological footprint of storage. Despite changing deadlines, our flexible hour delivery ensures that your material arrives on-time. We offer warehousing and Vendor Inventory Management for efficient shipping.