Our offer

Our residential racking solutions are simple to assemble, allowing customers to install solar PV systems faster and therefore maximizing the return on investment. Accommodating both rooftop and ground mount systems, Polar Racking offers a full suite of PV solutions for residential use.

For Installers:
Both PRR Flush Mount Racking and PRL Railless Flush Mount Racking systems can be used on most pitched roofs no matter what obstructions exist. The UL2703 certified PRR allows installers to order the length and color that better suites the homeowner. The PRM Top/Side of Pole system requires 2 people to install, making it the industry’s most cost-effective PV racking solution.

For Homeowners:
Polar Racking’s rooftop PV solutions allow homeowners to strengthen the ROI of their systems over the course of 20 years. PRR has been installed across North America through our distributors. Using leak-proof technology, Polar Racking can warranty your system up to 10 years to ensure the longevity of your installation and roof.

Why choose Polar?


Strong Technical Support

Polar Racking’s 24 hrs technical support paired with quality materials is guaranteed to provide a hassle free process for all residential customers.


Designed for the North American Market

Polar Racking’s superior engineering offers durable solutions for a full range of North American conditions. Our residential products have been load tested for locations from California to Alaska.


Aesthetically Pleasing

If the look is your concern, Polar offers a wide variety of finishes, including black anodized for flush mount projects.