Our offer

Our industry leading, patent pending O&M features allow clients to diagnose problems quickly and adapt their PV system in response to changing market dynamics. Our warranties range across our products from ground mount (PRU Ground Mount Racking System) to our variety of rooftop applications; including: PR2 (Flat Roof System), PRB (Foot-Based System), PRP (Ballast-Integrated Flat Roof System). With an array of flat roof, metal and flush mounted solutions, we can design and engineer the optimal solution for your needs. Our designs are modular enough to changing factors on the roof as the installation is being completed, saving lots of time in back in forth during time critical installations

Why choose Polar?


Low Weight Distribution

Our solutions are designed in concert with leading roofing manufacturers and structural engineers to provide an optimal mix of low weight, maximum load distribution and minimal point loading ensuring we maintain roofing warranties and building integrity. Our systems are third party tested and approved for wind, mechanical load and bonding. Everything you need to satisfy a building inspector and electrical authority is provided to you to avoid any mishaps at the conclusion of a project.



20+ years is a long time for any investment. That’s why North America’s largest Retail, Commercial and Industrial (RCI) clients choose Polar Racking when they decide to go solar. Our warranties will ensure that your system will be supported throughout its lifetime.


Faster Installation Times

Polar Racking offers systems with preassembled components to ensure that installations can be completed without disrupting the functionality of your business. Our innovative water-resistant technology protects the longevity of your roof while generating long-term financial returns.